Sexual healing
oh baby now lets get down tonight 
baby i'm hot just like your oven 
oh, i need your lovin'
And, baby, i can't hold it much longer
now it's getting stronger and stronger
and when i get that feeling, i got to have a sexual healing
sexual healing
And makes me feel so fine
and helps to relieve my mind
sexual healing is good for me
sexual healing is something that's so very good for me
whenever these blue teardrops are falling
oh, no, and my emotional stability is leaving me
there is something i can do 
oh, i can get on the telephone and call you up baby
darling, i know you'll be there to relieve me
The love you give to me will free me
so if you don't know the things your dealing
oh, i can tell you, darling, oh, it's sexual healing
get up get up get up
lets make love tonight
wake up wake up wake up
cause you do it right
heal me my darlin(x4)
baby you know i got sick this morning
A sea was storming up inside of me
baby i think i'm capsizing
oh, the waves are rising
and when i get this feeling
i want a sexual healing
sexual healing 
and makes me feel so fine, it's (such a rush) 
and helps to relieve the mind, Lord, it's good for us
sexual healing is good for me
sexual healing is something so, so good for me
and its so good for us and it's so good to me
my, baby, wooh
just grab a hold, come, take control of my body and mind
soon we'll be making love
honney, oh, we're feeling fine
you're my medicine open up and let me in 
darling your so great i cant wait for you to operate
heal me my darling, heal me my darling...

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